Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Nobody really knows me
How unfortunate it is
They only know my cover
Cares no one to know what's under.

I smile to hide my tears
I laugh to hide my screams
It's been this way for years
Things aren't as they seem

I always seem so happy
Bothered least about the world
If only you had noticed
Things wouldn’t have gone untold

I see that you are not looking at me
And that’s when I realize, that all this is a lie
My Heart breaks and everything seems so sad
Yet I tease you and act as if nothing was ever bad

I think, I should remove this heart,
And replace it with one made of stone
This one cares too much
And expectations many more

I am tired of giving it assurances,
That someday it will regain its glory
and someone worthy will help mend it
And this pain will become a history

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